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The will to encourage changes in Law Number 15 Year 2003 on Combating Criminal Acts of Terrorism does not just appear in the direction of the terrorism attacks on Jalan MH Thamrin, Central Jakarta, some time ago.

However, more efforts on changing the face of Law No. 15/2003 which impressed repressive become a rules-based mixture with initial preventive rules, as the balanced strength of product regulation for overcoming the threat of t erorisme.

The revised Law on Terrorism is now the discussion is at the level of a special committee (the committee) in the form of a combination of Commission I and Commission III.

Indeed, the substance of the revision of the government’s initiative gained widespread input from the community, a good observer of human rights (HAM), religious and law enforcement institutions, and others.

So, will the revision of the Terrorism Act is not only based on criminal law, but also related to constitutional law with due regard to human rights side.

Related to this revision of the Terrorism Act, Academician STIH Lamaddukelleng Sengkang, Bau Andi Mallarangeng, SH, MH commented that the revision of the Terrorism Act should prioritize the elements of human rights, because there are some cases of people suspected terrorists involved in the arrest was immediately shot dead.

“So if you ask me in the revision of the Terrorist Law, the element of human rights must be put forward, though some have argued that the first terrorist in violation of human rights. We can not punish people without trial,” said ABM.

Further Wajo former Chairman of the Election Supervisory Committee, many suspected terrorists were shot dead in the process of arrest. “Police must put forward the principle of presumption of innocence in uncovering cases of terrorism and to rigorously analyze the evidence and the evidence whether or not it meets the elements,” he said.

Still, according to Andi Mallarangeng Bau, against terrorism need not with guns, but with increased vigilance against terrorist doctrines by way prevent the spread of deviant terrorists understand. “The police need to disseminate to various groups about the dangers of terrorism,” he concluded.

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